Villa Ventura Renovation Project

Exterior updates, common spaces & amenities enhancements, and unit upgrades

Renovation Parts

Development Team

General Contractor


Benson Method 


Rosemann & Associates

Common Area Updates


Cafe:pub Inspiration

Café/Pub - Inspiration

Cafe:pub Lighting

Café/Pub - Lighting

Cafe:pub Floorplan

Café/Pub - Floorplan

Cafe:pub Door Inspiration

Café/Pub - Inspiration

Dining Area

Dining 1

Dining Area - Inspiration

Dining 2

Dining Area - Inspiration

Dining 3

Dining Area - Inspiration

Dining Area - Inspiration

Dining Area - Inspiration

Dining Fixture

Dining Area - Fixture

Gathering Area

Reading:nook Inspiration

Gathering/Nook - Inspiration

Reading:nook Floorplan

Gathering/Nook - Floorplan

Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe Inspiration

Internet Café - Inspiration

Internet Cafe Floorplan

Internet Café - Floorplan


Vestibule:lobby Inspiration

Vestibule/Lobby - Inspiration

Vestibule:lobby Inspiration 2

Vestibule/Lobby - Inspiration 2


Jad Ryherd Photography


Prayer:movie Inspiration

Prayer/Movie - Inspiration

Prayer:movie Floorplan

Prayer/Movie - Floorplan

Public Corridors

Corridor Soelberg Panel

Public Corridor - Soelberg Panel

Corridor Bellagard Handrail

Public Corridor - Bellagard Handrail

Corridor Fixture D

Public Corridor - Fixture D

Corridor Fixture E

Public Corridor - Fixture E

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Public Corridor - Current

View Common Area Concepts

Updates to the Cafe/Pub, Dining Area, Gathering Space/Nook, Internet Cafe, Lobby Area, Prayer/Movie, Public Corridors & WiFi

Renovation Parts

Unit Improvements





Current Bedroom

Guest Apt. 2 Bedroom Guest Apt. Bedroom

Current Bathroom

Vvr Typical Bathroom Img 5151

Img 3270

Updated unit bathroom

Current Kitchen

Vvr Typical Unit Kitchen

Guest Apt. Kitchen

Original kitchenette

View Unit Concepts

Updates to independent living units: appliances, washer/dryer hookups, enhanced finishes, deck/patio door replacement, flooring, and countertops

Renovation Parts

Exterior Upgrades

Building Exterior

General Building Improvements

Exterior - Building Improvements

General Building New Color Scheme

Exterior - New Color Scheme

Front Entry

Img 8032

Front Entry

Entry New Walkway

Front Entry - New Walkway

Entry New Walkway 2

Front Entry - Walkway 2

Entry Trellis

Front Entry - Trellis






View Exterior Concepts

Updates to walkways, entrance access, seating areas, building signage, and various other amenities

Renovation Parts


Other Hard Costs: small tools supervision, safety, sanitary facilities cleaning/waste management, and field office

Renovation Parts

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